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Locksmith Scam

Seattle Locksmith Scam Alert

1317A Sturgus Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144

When you call a Seattle locksmith, you are asking a stranger to come to your home or car and unlock the doors without a key. That is a lot of trust and if you choose the wrong locksmith, you might end up being scammed in a disastrous way. To avoid a terrible situation, be sure to follow any warnings from Seattle locksmith scam alerts and follow a few simple rules so you know that when you call your locksmith you are getting someone you can trust. Seattle locksmiths are hoping to warn you about scam operations, because one bad locksmith spoils the reputation of all locksmiths.

Work With A Local Company 

If the Seattle locksmith you contact has a local business in a brick and mortar location it is highly unlikely that they are part of a scam. Of course, when you are looking for emergency locksmith services it is unlikely you’ll go check out a locksmith shop just in case. But if you look up a local company that has a listed address, you are much better off than if you just call a number with no backing information.

Insured, Bonded, and Licensed Companies

Make sure than when you work with a locksmith company they are insured, bonded, and licensed. All Seattle locksmith scam alerts will warn you about companies that do not have the credentials necessary to conduct a safe and trustworthy locksmith business. So take the precaution and make sure the locksmith you call has the insurance to back up their work.

Companies That Quote $15 Service Calls

Seattle locksmiths warn you about scam operations that quote a $15 service call. You may be heading for a locksmith scam. Even real locksmith companies use this tactic, but then once you are working with the locksmith other fees and expenses will be added on. Pay attention to Seattle locksmith scam alerts to keep yourself safe and to avoid overpaying.

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1317A Sturgus Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144